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What do you get with a Boat Deck Marine Website?

At Boat Deck we use the latest programming and web design techniques to create an optimal, engaging online experience for every client via our comprehensive marine web systems, Web and Graphic Design and E-Commerce solutions.

Our team of talented and creative web designers and developers are ready to partner with you to deliver effective website solutions that helps your marine business to expand and flourish.

Each Boat Deck website arrives fresh out of the box with some amazing features to help connect you to new and current customers through multiple channels including the latest social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Check out the features below or browse our pricing and optional features.

You’re in charge!

Take control of your website with our clean and simple Content Management System (CMS) product, one that is supported globally and one that is continually upgraded.

A CMS allows you to update, pages, articles, photos, videos, files and media, all yourself and all from a web based system you can access anywhere from the Internet.

Search Engine Optimisation

Boat Deck websites are full standards compliance – this is important not only for interoperability with today’s browsers, but also for forward compatibility with the tools of the next generation. All of our websites have unique meta tags (headers and descriptions) for all pages, including your listings, and come standard with next-generation XML sitemaps for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines, from day one. Pretty cool hey!

Homepage Boat Widgets

You can choose what is displayed on the homepage of your custom website with advanced search tool, featured listings, latest listings, news articles, company profile, social media connectivity, blog roll and sponsored banner space are just a few options you have.

Team Profile Page

Each team member within your organisation receives their own personal profile page so they can promote their skills and experience. They can include a personal description, contact details, head shot, current listings, testimonials, recent sold listings and current articles they have written.

Social Networking

Boat Deck websites integrate with your Twitter or Facebook account allowing your organisation and team members to stay connected with clients and friends

Quick Search

Users of your website can quickly find properties they are looking for with our Quick Search Facility which allows them to enter a boat listing id or quickly submit a few search criteria into the search box.

Thick Box Galleries

All of your photos/images are displayed beautifully with Thickbox integration. This includes photo description and also tags and is used in photo galleries.

Videos and Sound Files

You can embed videos and sound files to boat pages using sites such as You Tube and Vimeo.

Slide Show Pro Thumbgrid

This is the latest in flash display technology and allows boat seekers to quickly scroll through images and select the image they would like to see enlarged on the page. It also allows for a virtual tour or boat slide show.


You can add brochures such as PDF and Word documents to pages and articles as well and users of the site can download this information at any time.

Spam Protection

All Cforms Enquiry forms can be protected by our Spam protection module, which asks a simple question to the user before processing.

Email Subscriptions

Users of your website can subscribe to content from within your website such as products, news updates and elect to receive any type of boat alerts.

RSS Feeds

Users of your website can subscribe new content on your website or boat listings added. RSS is a phenomenon spreading across the world and will be a key communication tool in the future. In short RSS allows users to subscribe to bits of information without having to supply an email address and they can view that data without having to be on your website. To learn more about RSS click here.

Links Lists

You can control link lists or blogrolls and link to your favourite sites. You can add as many links as you like and create as many categories as you like.

News and Media Releases

You can create categories for News and Media Releases and create news items under those categories. You can add pictures, links, files and even movies to these media releases.

Company Pages

You can create pages for your website such as Company, About Us, Our Locations etc. In fact any static page can be added to your website and housed under a category. You can add pictures, links, files and even movies to these pages.

XML Sitemaps

All Boat Deck websites are 100% Sitemaps compliant. Which means they can be registered with Google, Yahoo, MSN via their sitemaps online applications. Sitemaps is a way of identifying to the major search engines every single page on your website that their search engines crawlers can crawl and add to their search engines. Traditionally you would have to wait for their search engines to find you are submitting to these sites. Not any more, Boat Deck sites come as standard with this application.


There’s much more, but these are the highlights. If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to contact us.

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